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Variegated section on Pink Finger Lime?

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Just wondering what would cause this? Could it be an actual mutation or likely due to chemical treatment and will eventually die off? Just received from a nursery.

Would be cool if I could get this to grow and propagate it, but I fear itís unlikely.

Thoes do look variegated. Itll happen where just 1 branch out of no where pushes out variegated. Some patterns are more pronounced than others. I cant think of anything that would make a leaf look like that besides chlorophyll not showing up to the party lol. My guess would be variegated maybe we can get a poll going!

I've been growing finger limes for many years and always been on the lookout for variegated sports but never found managed to find any. So, you may be lucky but propagation could be difficult. Your photos show a few variegated leaves that appear to come from a small section of the main stem. If there is a separate shoot it would be much easier to propagate.

Well Iím hoping itís true to be! Any recommendations on getting it to shoot out? Iím going to take a light and shine it more directly on the variegated portion in hopes of getting it as well, but prefer not to cut off the entire other parts of the tree to force it.

Theoretically every leaf is at a node point where a new shoot could grow.
So you could possibly take a small sliver of the stem bark, including that node with a variegated leaf, without seriously damaging the rest of the plant. Then insert that into a rootstock using a T-bud method.
Trouble is that everything is so small and difficult to do with a finger lime. And in practice, some leaf nodes are blind or take for ever to start growing.
I don't know whether additional light on a stem will make any difference to making a new shoot start to grow. Any opinions on this?


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