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Mandarins and oranges grafted onto lemon tree, good idea?

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FV Fruit Freak:
I have a dwarf Meyer lemon tree Iíve been grafting mandarins and oranges onto the last couple years. They are all growing well but have not fruited yet as grafts are still young.

So, will grafting oranges/mandarins onto lemon rootstock make the fruit have sour notes? I read somewhere that it could but was hoping someone on here has personal experience. Thanks

A Citrus orchardist I knew grew Oranges on Rough Lemon, mainly for the 2 weeks earlier cropping, and because of soil type. As far as I know they were not any extra sour.
To be honest, some of the Citrus fruit in shops or Orange Juice has travelled and been cold stored so much that any fresh orange or mandarin will probably be better.

I don't know about grafting onto a lemon rootstock.  However, almost nobody ever uses regular lemon rootstock, so there must be a reason. I have heard that it  produces very bland fruit.

I have a multi-grafted tree on Lisbon lemon tree (old big one, 30yrs) since I did not have many large citrus trees when I started to graft new varieties from CCPP budwood. So,my lemon tree has about 30+ varieties on it and the fruit seems to taste good. Maybe it does affect the taste of sumo since the other shiranui grafts on my lime tree, grapefruit tree, Gold Nugget, and pomelo trees seems to taste sweeter than the sumo on my large lemon tree. It doesn't seem to change the sweetness on the Xie Shan, Ponkan, and New Zealand lemon. Maybe next season I should be able to tell if the sumo on the lemon tree is still not as sweet as the other rootstock.

I have a Xie Shan grafted to a lemon seedling, and another on Yuzu. The lemon one is growing more vigorously, won't know how the fruit is until probably next year but have read it won't be as good as it should taste?


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