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fukushu kumquat grafted to Flying Dragon 8-28-2020 loosing fruit

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My tree is very large with at least 30 feet of linear branch grow and full of healthy dark green leaves.  It produced 100's of flower as well as some new shoots.  Most of the fruits are turning colors and falling with a few remaining green with out growth

Would anyone know why fruit drops from a well established tree.  I use Jacks 25-5-15 once a month by soaking the tree in a tub.  I water as needed between soakings.  No dry pockets in my dirt.

Things aren't perfect?  Fruit drop.   Things are perfect?  a little less fruit drop


I guess so.  I changed the date in the title to its true date of 8-28-20

Was the fruit load heaver last year than this year?

This is the first year it flowered. 


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