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Do any of you grow with LEDís through the winter? I unfortunately have NO natural light indoors so they must strictly be grown with artificial lighting.

Note I use pretty powerful lighting, in order to replicate full sun, however, as you can already guess, nothing can truly replicate Mother Nature. My plants always start out great and grow well for the first month or so, things start to grow yellow and stressed. I typically keep my lights around 75% (noting that 100% really stressed them out) and on for 14-16 hours, off the rest. I feed them properly and meticulously with a very well balanced fertilizer. I would like to see if anyone else has these sorts of issues and how they go about correcting them before things are needed to come indoors.

The lights I use are a mixture of high output sonofarm LEDís. Links below.


I just recently moved these trees outdoors after sitting a month or so indoors under these lights.

The same varieties outdoors show no signs of these, and are treated the same otherwise. Are these lights just too much? Can water pH do this? (Ones outside get some rain water obviously along with the hose) as I am on city water. Anyone recommend a good way to test soil pH?

Any input on this situation, Iíd appreciate it! Winters are usually incredibly hard, hoping to get through this next one without as much loss. Prepping is key! Lol.

For the LEDs, it depends on what you want to achieve. Do you want to maintain the plants inside until spring? Then I would say you need minimal light. The risk with having a strong light source is that it might trigger flowering (if induction was done outside) or vegatative growth. If your tree can then not sustain that new growth, due to the climate not being optimal, it can kill your trees. I have unfortunately killed trees by moving them inside and letting them grow uncontrollably.

In regards to the deficiency symptoms; I would indeed start with measuring soil pH! An offset pH can interfere with nutrition uptake.

I don't think your trees symptoms come from the LED lighting.  The leaves are showing the typical sign of an iron deficiency. The leaf symptoms for iron deficiency are:  New leaves with green veins on otherwise yellowish leaves. An iron deficiency is often caused by high pH rather than a shortage of minerals.

I grow mine under fluorescent lights in the winter, and they put out nice, new, green foliage in the winter, usually in February or March, about a month or so before they are put outside for the growing season. They do not have any signs of deficiencies in their new growth like yours show.

I grow under LEDs in the winter and actually my new leaves get huge but chlorotic / yellowing does not happen if anything I get leaf drop before I notice this.

Outdoors if my plants have been getting constant water esp since the heat is having me water daily, I do see this on the new leaves and I assume its nutrients washing out or a PH change like you said causing uptake problems. It eventually corrects itself since I do apply diluted fertilizer once or twice monthly with watering. Try lightly fertilizing if you haven't already.


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