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Gummosis problem

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--- Quote from: impatientgardener on August 26, 2022, 08:58:43 AM ---My variegated lemon did the EXACT same thing. However, it was a clipping and not a graft. I'm not sure if the variegation causes more weakness and susceptibility to crown rot, etc. I tried treatments using organicide plant doctor and phyton 35 a couple of weeks apart. Anyway, it lost all its leaves and died and I decided to go with a much taller grafted version which has had no problems. Good luck to you!

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Mine is a rooted cutting as well, however I've used "Garden Phos" an few times now and it seems that the gummosis has slowed, it also is still pushing out new growth so I assume I might be in the clear and caught it early enough.

I think most citrus are rather susceptible to root rot, trifoliate are highly resistant. So most grafted trees are unaffected for the most part.

A half dozen of my trees had some gummosis a few years ago and agri-fos/garden-fos seemed to cure it for most of them, though a few died.  To be fair, I was pretty late in addressing the problem.


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