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its a 2.5 month old graft, everything looked good so far, but after until about 1 week ago it started wilting

now I gave it extra humidity yesterday, its back to looking good again, but im not sure if its repairing at this point or just holding onto life for a while

.. by approach grafting it onto another seedling?

As you can tell the main stem is drying out, Im wondering if humidity would help it to recover or its heading for certain death?
It started a few days ago, now Im thinking approach grafting it would be the only way to save it (newly formed stem)

(BTW the seedling is not moldy it simply looks brown when its young)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado seedling fruited
« on: February 05, 2023, 06:20:10 AM »

if the tree remains vigorous for you on its own root, it doesnt mean that if you graft it onto a random vigorous rootstock it will keep its vigour..  does it?
or does the scion transfers that ability as well?

What if you graft it onto a less vigorous rootstock, can it improve it?
 or once you graft it, that means the rootstock "takes the lead" from that point onwards?

Thanks for the answers, well in 2023 its a bit different I guess

My spanish is a bit rough, so I'll continue in english
I tried calling them but apparently they're busy, Im always redirected to the voicemail

Do we another number we can call them other than this?
+34 69 15 04 162

Did you actually managed to order something from them or what happened?

Wanna buy this Gomera4 mango:

But its impossible to reach them via mail or by phone, possible cause of their shitty system. Nevertheless Id still like to give them a chance ordering to middle Europe. They're from Spain I believe

Anyone got any experiences ordering from them? How was it?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is this a "sprouting" babaco?
« on: January 08, 2023, 04:22:06 AM »
Can it resprout from the alive bark under soil level? it got cold damage

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is this a "sprouting" babaco?
« on: January 07, 2023, 07:24:17 AM »
The small ones in the picture?

Mexican avocados they are said to be just as hardy as a lemon tree

Found this article:

Here it explains how if you train the tree to have this "creeping shape" rather than a normal tree shape you gain a warmth of 2-3C degrees for the winter and quite a bit of cooling for the summer

This should be enough for Zone 7 (at least in my case we barely have -10C every few years) so if you want lemons or avocadoes(the cold hardy ones) it might just be possible, maybe cover it with hay if you wanna be extra careful

The only issue that could come up is that the fruit will touch the ground, not sure how to overcome that, maybe training the branches to face upwards?

Im thinking about starting a few seeds and passively covering them with a portable plastic greenhouse sheet ,maybe a water barrel inside to guarantee the above freezing temps even on colder days

Im in zone 7 but we dont really have less than -8c on an average winter. I still need the hardy ones to survive but at least if i only have to keep them above -6c then its doable with water barrels i thnk

but it might just mean the main stem got killed but it will bounce back stronger next year when it wont freeze back maybe?

I see it also that way, it might be just a waste of time but I like avocadoes anyway, so planting them might just be a better use of the seeds then throwing them away.
And yes I also have 6 mexican seedlings from ebay, they are doing quite well in my greenhouse

drymifolia: but why dont you just plant del rio, poncho, lila avocado trees, they are allegedly hardy to 8b, or if you need just a little push on the hardiness tolerance, mexican seedlings surely will do the trick


There are more possibilities now, with somatic hybridisations or even more refined techniques to combine the two species.

if you could graft Avocado onto red bay, you still face the problem of the fruiting portion being exposed to very cold temperatures where red bay is tolerant.

Youre talking like this could be a possibility?
Could it be that it has been done already with these new crossing techniques somatic hybridization/protoplast fusion ?

I mean it should be possible since these technologies are exactly what they are for, they are not close enough for natural cross breeding but not too distant for this to not work at all

Getting 5000 seeds mexican seeds is not really viable to consider. Getting 3 already consts 10-20USD from Ebay, so 5000 would cost a fortune
The only possiblity I see is to plant a few thousand from supermarket seeds then hope that the desired traits will get expressed so we can finally see a -10C, -12C tolerating and fruiting plant

Hass allegedly has mexican origins so there is a chance, I mean Ive read stories of people seeing an avocado surviving -15C even if it dies back early on, that might mean that at some point it will tolerate that if it gets mature ( at least in theory it should be somewhat possible)


what if you let it live for years then cut it off, when the strong connections are made already?

Ive read that with approach grafting you have less chance for graft incompatibility to occur
Does that only include cheimical incopatibility (virus, fungus attack) or when a more genetically distant scion is used?

To be more concrete...  would it be possible to graft avocado on red bay this way? (Both are in the lauraceae family)

I cant find anything regarding the cold hardiness of this p. schiedeana plant but sounds interersting, can you link sources? Also is this available anywhere to buy?

Can a USA member please answer this query. The P. schiedeana is here in Australia, but not very common at all. It is more likely to be found in USA.

Didnt you just say that p. schiedeana can survive -12C and be fine, you wrote that in one of the above comments, or did I misunderstand it?

Only Persea schiedeana, the Coyo is in the same group, along with Avocado sub species.
As the hardiest Persea, survive temperatures down to about −12 °C (10.4 °F)

I cant find anything regarding the cold hardiness of this p. schiedeana plant but sounds interersting, can you link sources? Also is this available anywhere to buy?

To the ADMINS:

So if you have a tree that tolerates 10f/-12C on paper,

Does it mean if I graft one of its seedling with one branch off the tree together then in 3-4 years they will be just as hardy, tolerant of cold, disease etc.. as its non grafted counterpart?

Or the weak point after the graft remains long after the grafting is done and never actually heals 100% only 99% at best?

Follow up question: If thats the case can air layering be a solution to this since its roots and the stem is identical?

Hi did you manage to get some?

I think what those numbers mean when the tree is really mature and have a thick ass bark not exactly a pencil size, more like handball diameter.. so it might even be 5+ years old until it gets there

What I plan to do is a long term project, where the tree possibly will have to have some protection every winter even when mature, but when it finally is mature the chances of it completely dying is quite low, it might take some serious damage at lower temps but it wouldnt die I guess

Any way for now i'll stick to the one I got in my GH as well

Good luck, keep pushing


Yes, we'll see what happens this winter, just built a walipini, got this 3m tall seedling avocado tree, with a slightly brownish bark that I just planted 3 weeks ago, so hopefully it will be able to take minus 1-2

BTW you could totally grow avocadoes outside in Zone 8B if you protect them the first 1-2 winter, Lila for example , heck I might even try it as in the last 5-7 years we only had Zone 8 winters

Bobooski, what was the coldest it has taken with/without damage?

Yes the post should be move into a different sub

Oolie: How cold are we talking, minus 1,-2 will do, or -4,-5 Celsius ?

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