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--- Quote from: Treehousechicks on June 14, 2022, 09:36:52 PM ---I forgot to put in my last post that you can find my Instagram to see all what I have: @THCSeeds_ or @treehousechicks and Ive got 100k followers on Tik tok with my username there being @treehousechicks       I share tons of awesome videos on fruit. Reach out and say hi! Id love to meet ya ❤️  Thank you.

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I've followed her IG and can vouch for some interesting content.  Welcome to the forums.

I have bought seeds many times from Matt at tradewindsfruit good delivery and germination. If If I had any issue he has responded to my emails promptly and the issue is resolved. Not the cheapest and good variety and good CS.

Bought from sunshineseeds a few times with mixed results on germination and as they are in EU may not always get the seeds :)
They had some ornamental seeds could not find elsewhere.

There are some great people on this forum for seeds though.


--- Quote from: murahilin on February 01, 2012, 05:30:12 PM ---Another FAQ topic.
Can everyone please help add to this list? I know there are a ton more sources for seeds.

* Fruit Lovers Forum member fruitlovers
* Trade Winds Fruit is another source that I've bought from a few times. Not always the freshest seeds.
* Govardhan Gardens often has a very wide selection of seeds
* Montoso Gardens
* Vivero Anones
* Flying Fox Fruits - Forum member ASaffron
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Forest House Cameroon:

A site I've been using recently for both seeds and (small) plants. Seasonal - she doesn't have the whole inventory all the time. But I've had good success with what I've gotten. Not 100% (They are plants, after all...and shipping post-COVID has been tricky.) but very good results overall. Site is Sri Lankan based, I'm US.


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