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Salak Pondoh, Kepel, Beluntas, and Kencur, seeds/cuttings/rhysomes for sale.


red durian:
While we are visiting Java, my wife is willing to ship seeds from the good stuff here that you may not already have.  She got her paypal account in order and we are ready to go.  We can only offer these seeds for the next 2 weeks (order before Dec 15).  In January we can start with the amazing Durios in Sabah, but for now, this is what is available:

 USD 9.00 for either 10 seeds, 3 cuttings or 3 chunks of rhizome.  You may mix seeds to reach your 10 if you want.

Salak Pondoh  -  really nice salak with no astringency     
Kepel               - Asian annona with a very small amount of delicious flesh per fruit     (We harvested the last fruits from the ground on Dec 14, so not many left).  Seeds reportedly germinate in 3 months and tree bears after about 10 years.   
Beluntas           - a perennial hedge plant with edible leaves

Kencur              - a Zingerbaceae with edible rhizome and delicious leaves     

Express shipping to the furthest destination (USA) costs 18 USD for the weight of 10 of these seeds.  Strangely it is 20 USD to Australia, and less strangely, 35 USD to Belize. You can track your shipment online with this service.
We are not able to provide any phytosanitary certificate with these seeds.

   Salak Pondoh photos  - 

Mike T:
Pondoh is also called Yogyarta and is supposed to be the best of over 20 types of Salacca zalacca subs. zalacca.Kencur can be used for its own sake or as a subsitute for krachai/chinese keys in thai and chinese recipes.That is a very good price RD.

red durian:

--- Quote from: Mike T on November 29, 2012, 03:14:51 AM ---.That is a very good price RD.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the extra information, Mike T.  The fruits are easy for us to get and not too difficult to ship, plus, if I was buying it, I'd want it to be as cheap as possible. At first, my wife just copied another sellers prices.  I saw 19 dollars for 10 seeds and it seemed too greedy for our situation, since it is so readily available and  the shipping office is only a 5 minute walk from here.  Hopefully I haven't cheated my wife out of some profit.

Mike T:
RD you could have gone higher I reckon but potential buyers won't want me saying that.Pondohs have seperate sexes so it is best to get a few seeds but they like a warm wet climate.Kencur could be better than krachai because it is more productive.The jack looks great as well.

red durian:
Only 5 more days that we will have time to prepare seeds or kencur for shipping.  We just got word that our shipment to the West Coast of the USA  took 8 days.  Not sure how consistent that speed would be.


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