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Is anyone familiar with  They have an ebay store too,  They are a sister company of Landco Enterprises located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.  They have a decent selection of products and free shipping.  I'm pretty stoked about it, I'm going to start a foliar feeding program similar to Patrick's.

Do any of the S. FLA members know if they have a store front or is it online only?  I know I can call them tomorrow, but . . . my impatience once again has got the better of me. 

pj1881 (Patrick):
No store front, I have met the guy a couple times, he met me in his pickup truck.  He will meet you locally if you call him. Nice guy, great service, awesome prices..

I'll give him a call.  Thanks.

Patrick, on a separate but related note, do you spray your lychees with your foliar concoction? 

pj1881 (Patrick):

Thought so, but just wanted to be sure.  Thanks again.


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