Author Topic: Lemon Zest budwood and Orange Sherbet  (Read 228 times)


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Lemon Zest budwood and Orange Sherbet
« on: September 20, 2021, 04:47:58 PM »
I trimmed my LZ today. It has been overcast today plus I have a tarp over them. Lots of cuttings that I can send out tomorrow. I should have enough to fill two of these boxes. Email me directly at zzendo7 ... AT DOT com

I know they will not be prepped. I charge $20 to fill a priority mail box with the scions that I put in a plastic bag with some wetted newspaper. You pay for the medium sized priority mail box which is about $17. You do the math. I think the US Post Office is now back to normal for priority mail, going by other stuff I have recently sent. Florida probably late for grafting but California, Arizona is not. So I think.

I also have an Orange Sherbet tree that I have not tip pruned all season. I can take scions off it tomorrow to send you a box that is half OS and half LZ.

For the real fanaticos that want to convert a tree to Keitt... This tree was trimmed today. The cuttings are on the ground and can be sent out tomorrow. Same price as up above.

Top two show Keitt tree and the trimmings

Tarp over the LZ trimmings

LZ trimmings

Orange sherbet tree
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