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Still Great Annona Scions Available $3 each

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Hey All,

It is time to start sharing anonna scions. I would like to trade or if you want to buy. I'm looking for decent sized scions of Jabos, Canistel, Green Sapote, moist Lucuma, Sweet Wampi varieties, and small sized jackfruit or cheempajack.

I have a good selection of custard apples (Kimber Red, Kimber Green and Yellow and another Red variety),

(Atemoyas)  PPC, African Pride

Illama (White) with pink flowers.

3 varieties of Pawpaw $4 each(Taylor, Sweet Alice & (Sunflower a self pollinating variety)

Shipping is either $9 for priority or $5 sent in a padded envelope.

I wouldn't need the scions until May or soon after, since I'm in California. Scions are $3 each and they are available in all sizes for most varieties, (not the pencil lead size that others send sometimes). Sorry, I cannot send to foreign addresses.



Here is a mature Edgehill/Paul Thomson Atemoya

Kimber red Custard Apple

PPC Atemoya

African Pride Atemoya

Kimber Green Reticulata

Hi there, what type of cherimoya and pawpaw do u have? I can trade or buy from you. I have chaffey cherimoya.


Thanks I have, Santa Rosa, Elixir, Fortuna, Libby, .The atemoyas left are PPC and also a white ilama, and a red, green and yellow custard apple.

The Pawpaws that I have are Taylor, Sweet Alice and Sunflower(minimal amount)


Would like to buy some but I don't think it is time to graft yet. I am in SoCal. I grafted a bit early last year and scions choked with sap overflow.

Will you be selling in late March?

Hi Mark, I want to get a couple cherimoya sticks.  Ive got some canistel and ross or mango or whatever else you may be interested in trading. 


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