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Garcinia Forbesii Germinated Seeds Auction Rose Kandis - Brunei cherry


2 Germinated Garcinia forbesii seeds listed for auction ends Sunday PM.
Known to have poor germination rates, typically around 1%. Improve your chances of success with these already germinated seeds.
Thanks for bidding!

A little out of my price range right now, but considering how many I bought from Farwell Fruit Farm, how much he charged for them, and how not a single one germinated, $85.00 is not as high a price as it seems on first glance.

Yeah I have the price set where I wont regret selling them and not planting them myself.  Next time I get fruits and seeds I might not get any to germinate and these might have been my only chance. I hope all the ones I have planted survive.  So far 3 have sprouted above the potting mix and have their first leaves started. I will be planting out as many as I get to survive around the island at different friends places to improve the chances of having both male and female and can graft between them to make as many fruiting trees as possible. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


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