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5g plants for pick up, SF Bay Area/Santa Cruz

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How's it going everyone? I have a bunch of 5g plants ready to get planted out in peoples yards (or potted up if you are into that sort of thing). They are too big to ship and I would be stoked to let them go to people in the area for a pretty great price! I'll post up more as I see what's good to go at the orchard. Will Update with pictures. If theres a large enough group in the bay area that wants to arrange to meet in the bay area, I could make that happen.

Myrcianthes pungens, 5g, 50$

Eugenia myrcianthes, 5g, 50$
Eugenia selloi (flowering), 5g, 100$

Syzygium jambos, 5g, 50$
Eugenia uniflora, 5g, 50$
Eugenia florida, 5g, 150$
Campomanesia hirsuta, 300$
Grafted Yangmei (From china, has Root Knot Nematode from shipper in China)
1g Biqi, 300$

Nice deal on that Yangmei!

Can I claim the Florida?


--- Quote from: K-Rimes on June 24, 2022, 01:13:32 PM ---Can I claim the Florida?

--- End quote ---
All you! It's a seedling from my fruiting plant. Those cali genetics  ;)

Hey Nate!

Id be down for:

Eugenia myrcianthes
Syzygium jambos
Eugenia florida (if you have more than 1)

I might also be interested in the 5G guabiju too, but would wanna see a pic cuz i have the other two from you.

I need to post some pics from the other plants of yours i got. Babaco's are taking off and fruiting :D



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