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Cedar Bay Cherry Seeds - Super Fresh - Now With More Seeds - SOLD!!!


Kevin Jones:
Thanks Christian!
More to Come!

Now... 60 FRESH Cedar Bay Cherry seeds for sale.
$20 for the lot with $10 USPS Priority Shipping.
First Come - First Served!

Contact me here:

Kevin Jones:
I bumped-up the seed count... now 60 for the same price.


I have a few seedlings of these growing already. Noticed you're in Alabama. How hardy are the mature plants? Seedlings were ok here this past winter. I would buy the seeds off you if I had space to plant that many. Working on cleaning up my collection now. Inundated with plants as it is but it's truly a labor of love.

Kevin Jones:
They survive my central Alabama winters OK in a cool greenhouse with lows in the lower 30s.
Can't speak for their actual hardiness though.
I treat them as tropicals.


I would like to buy


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