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WTB: Pumpkin Pie Mamey Sapote

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--- Quote from: victory66 on June 25, 2022, 08:47:18 PM ---I just discovered this fruit. It never seemed appetizing to me as I actually grow sweet potatoes lol. But this Zill variety offered by a nurseryman in Dade County is very desirable, esp. being drawfed. But man is it expensive. Does anyone else have this selection? Thanks Ed

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Ok so what's different about this cultivar? Giver us the details. ;)

Improved variety that is dwarf above all else. I have a small property, so dark or semidrawf trees that can be more easily controlled are highly preferred.

Have you called Jack and Beanstalk Plant Nursery in WPB?  They might have it, or maybe I'm thinking of Butterscotch sapodilla.  Anyway, give them a call.  They'll call you back.  (954)203-3089.


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