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Wanted: Rollinia tree

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Mr. Caimito:
[ will never die]

I don't think they would grow in you zone, they thrive best in zones 9 and up and still might have some problems in zones 9 and 10. If you are planning on keeping it in a greenhouse then you will probably get fruit within 4-6 years. As to where to get the tree, I would say graft a mature one onto cherimoya rootstock as they are compatible with it and that would flower in 1-2 yrs. For the scion-wood, I would try to contact some of the users on this forum who probably have some trees.

I think its safe to say that we now officially have kuku on board :-X
Henry, you can order live tree from ebay:
I would still worry about temps hitting upper 30's during transit. You might want to wait 2 more weeks or so..
They fruit in about 3 years from seed, but since you going to keep your tree indoors, that may change I suppose...

pj1881 (Patrick):
Obtain seeds from Fruitlovers or Florida Green Man on this forum.  The seedlings will grow into nice little trees (3-4' tall) in about 6-8 months!  Dont buy seeds that may be old, they are dead!!

pj1881 (Patrick):

--- Quote from: Mr. Caimito on March 28, 2013, 02:51:56 PM ---did you mean to say 3-4 INCHES tall? I didn't think they could grow that quickly.

--- End quote ---

No mistake, they grow really fast!


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