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I'm going to Trees-n-More, I can pick up plants for forum members in Central FL


I'll be at Trees n More nursery, in Palm City, FL, (April 6th).

This nursery has some wonderful fruit trees...some that are very hard to find elsewhere.

I can pick up plants for you (not too many! not too large! but can haul pretty much anything you want within reason!)

You will have to pick up the plant from me, in the Orlando area....and you'll have to pay Trees-n-More for your plants (not me).

a few dollars for gas is appreciated, but not required!  :)

Adam,   in case I get a chance to get to TNM myself, could you note whether they have any interesting varieties of loquat?

As far as I can tell, their web site doesn't list individual cultivars.


u got it Dan!

I will ask Mike!


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