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Is there anybody out there who owns the Citrandarin PoncirusXNin-Kat-Mandarin? I keep it outdoors in ground and it is hardy at least down to -15C
It has not bloomed yet.

Pics please!

Okay, I try to find some pics. The leaves are the size of the ones of finger lime. Narrow (1cm) mostly monofoliate and max 4cm long. I am not quite sure if it war really PTXNin-Kat or maybe PTXSunki. For a long time I thought it was Sunki, but then I found an old note that said: Nin-Kat. I gave a scion to Ilya named "PTXSunki" but I am in doubt now.

Yes, I got it from you under the name PTxSunki😊
Grafted on poncirus, it is very resistant,  not so on its own roots. It is now 2m tall,hope will flower soon. The leaves of the spring growth are narrow and fall in the autumn, while those of the second,summer flush are wider and keep green during the winter. Both are mostly monofoliate.

I will ask Bernhard when we meet again in May. He sent me seeds and I grafted the seedling on PT 10 years ago I suppose. This winter it has lost all leaves at -14C but the wood is totally undamaged. Unprotected "Prag" aswell. And C. ichangensis IVIA lost 50% of its leaves and maybe some tips. It seems to be harder than Citrumelo 5* which lost every single leave. Ichangquat has a crack in its bark near ground and does not look very happy. I will have to high-craft it on PT. In your post, Ilya, the fruits of Ichangquat lookes very nice -do they taste as nice?

Best Regards


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