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A very promising cold  hardy hybrid  produced by B.Voss in Hamburg.
It is believed to have C.ichangensis  and Poncirus as parents. Leaves are mostly monofoliate and that is why I think that  the story is more complex, could be citrumeloxichangesnsis. 
My plant is now more than 2 m high, planted in 2012, never protected, never damaged.
Dozens of rather large pear-sharpen fruits.

Skin is pleasantly lemon-like, although not strongly scented, albedo is moderately bitter, no poncirus taste or odor.
Around 20 large, ichangensis-like seeds.

Moderately juicy, less bitter than grapefruit, rather acid, but less than lemon.
Some fruity aftertaste is faintly present, but is is very different from poncirus.
Amazingly, at this stage the juice already contains  a lot of sugar: 11.5 of Brix, approximately the same as commercial clementines.


Sounds wonderful. More pulp to seed ratio than poncyrus means potentially more useful. I have some ichangensis seedlings with some trifoliate leaves ; I hope they grow to make nice fruit like yours.

Beware, It is not very hardy despite its parents.

I have a small plant that only just flowered for the first time.
Various accounts concerning hardiness differ greatly, I've read between -9 and -18C...


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