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I answered a post in the tropical fruit section with this reply and thought it might be useful here too :

Multiple candles or sterno burners(only 2 hour burn time for those) could work in a pinch but kerosene lanterns are ideal IMO because the flame is adjustable, it won't get blown out by wind, or catch things on fire as easily. They also supposedly will go out and won't start a fire if tipped over.
I used Dietz kerosene lanterns to protect citrus when I lived in South Carolina. Keep in mind they need oxygen to continue burning but covering a tree usually will allow enough air leakage for it to continue burning. I might suggest several of the smallest sizes on the ground in a triangle around the tree instead of one larger one depending on space under cover. Got to make sure you don't melt or burn whatever you are using as a cover or cook the tree.
Kerosene lanterns can be used in a greenhouse as well overnight but will fill it with Co2 so allow to vent completely before re-entering or you may die. (even if it is still burning the Co2 level might be toxic)  It is a trick you can use to increase plant growth by enriching the greenhouse with Co2 when not used for cold protection.
 They put out enough heat to heat a can of beans or fry an egg in a small pan albeit slowly like using a low heat setting on a cooktop stove.We improvised a vented cover to make the top flat. They used to make a model that could be used specifically for that purpose that had a flat top attachment. We had a hot meal during an ice storm years ago but it took a couple hours to feed 5 that way. We always took lanterns out to wait for the school bus with the kids in the mornings at the farm and they were great for warming hands a few inches above the top of the lantern.

One year I used the exhaust from my gas water heater to provide warmth to my lean-to greenhouse.


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