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WTB Oroblanco

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Viking Guy:
Need some scionwood for Oroblanco.

I can buy or trade.  Either is fine for me.

Please, none of that young, fresh green tissue.  Needs to have lignification.

Thank you.

Oroblanco is nice tasting, but Melogold is sweeter with no aftertaste when I did my own taste test here.
I took some photos to write up a post on my taste test but didn't get to it yet.

Here's a big Oroblanco fruit, but it was just puffy and the inside was not as big as the outside of the fruit. Most fruits on my tree are about 1-1/2 lbs normally. This tree is a good producer, what ever I graft onto this tree gets a lot of fruits.

I got my oroblanco budwood from CCPP. Kinda expensive for out of state people but at least it's disease free. Took 2 years to push. It's grafted to grapefruit. One of my favorite citrus. Makes it to top 3 citrus for me.

If you like Oroblanco then you will also like the Melogold and Valentine.  I buy all of my budwoods from CCPP as well.

Viking Guy:
I think it is a good one, but it's not for me.  Doing a grapefruit conversion for someone who really wants it on their in ground tree.

If any of you have some extra scions, would love to buy/trade.


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