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Flying Dragon, Bishop Citrandarin, and Dragon Lime grafts on Poncirus


 Bark flap graft: Flying Dragon on Poncirus.

Bark flap graft: Dragon Lime on Poncirus.

Bark flap graft: Bishop Citrandarin on Poncirus.

Cleft graft: Flying Dragon on Poncirus.

The Flying Dragon grafts had a high percentage of "takes" and are growing quite well.

Kumin very interesting.  What advantages are you looking for by  grafting Flying Dragon on poncirus?

Millet, the only benefit is the scions are from a mature fruiting tree. There should be a minimal wait for flowers and fruit. The cleft grafts surprised me by a very good percentage of takes. My father only did cleft grafts, these are my first.

Kumin  I am glad I am not the only one doing "strange" grafting.  I'm grafting PT to Seville sour orange to serve as an interstock to graft Fukushu kumquat onto so as to get the extra flavor of the sour orange roots into the incompatible Fukushu kumquat.

Awesome grafts and varieties!


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