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Besides my Sanford Curafora planted 2020 in ground, I still have one in a pot, which flowered and set two fruits.
When I snipped with the nail along the fruit it smelled a little bit bitter and strong. Now I fear that the taste is perhaps not so good concerning edibility ?
Who cultivates Sanford Curafora, tasted the fruits and can give some informations to fruit specification and taste ?
Thank you Frank

I bought mine in 2018 and it came with one overripe fruit that still tasted ok. It did not fruit in 2019. In 2020, it set one beautiful fruit but as of now, the fruit is still green and rock hard. There is something odd going on with my plant.

Thanks Florian for your information, so I' m glad to hear the fruit seems to be good tasting. For your plant I wish you good luck that the fruits still get ripe. The fruits of mine are still very small, lets see how they grow ? Climate conditions this summer are not very favorable in Germany.
Regards Frank

There are also 2 green fruits on my curafora, which have been hanging for over a year now.... one and a half minimum, if not more

Hello Mikkel, how big are your fruits, do you have pictures ?
1 1/2 year ? Thats longer than grapefruits  ???
Thanks for your experience  :).


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