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Here are a couple of images of seed from a Fukushu X PT cross I made this spring.  I peeled the seed coat off to increase the speed of germination.  It's interesting to see the color differences in the embryos. Someone on this forum had indicated there would be a color difference if the PT parent has tan seed and the citrus parent's seed are dark green. I am hoping/guessing the lighter colored embryo's are the crosses and the darker green are the apomictic embryo's.

The is the second batch of seed I prepared this way. Many of the seed from the first batch have germinated eight days later, the shoots are still too small to see if any have trifoliate leaves.

interesting project, good luck for nice seedlings and frosthardy plants , keep us updated  ;)

Thanks Tedburn.  I hope to keep these alive so there is something to tell.  Some of the seedlings are showing the PT origin.  The crosses seem to be growing faster than the clones. I think there will be six crosses in this batch.  Hopefully they will survive and grow this winder and next spring I will bud graft them onto an older citrus to see what comes of them. 

Very cool, why aren't there more direct poncirus x kumquat crosses?

I'm going to try pt x meiwa, and pt x hindsii when I get them flowering at the same time. I have a poncirus+ and a precocious poncirus, neither have flowered yet. The precocious should flower next spring.

They don't have to flower at the same time.  Citrus pollen can be stored for some time,  Keep it cool and dry.


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