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So far TaiTri has proved hardy in marginal zone 8. My favorite leaf structure of all trifoliate hybrids.   

Your profile says you are on the border of zone 8a/7b in the state of Georgia.

It's really helpful to clarify the growing location when you make these posts so the information will be useful to others.

this is a very healthy tree. What are the fruit like?  I have an unknown PT hybrid with leaves that look very much the same, narrower than citrumelo or citrange. The fruit looks exactly like a very yellow lemon and it tastes like a lemon except the skin and white it is extremely bitter. More bitter than straight Poncirus trifoliata. But none of the latex like gum of PT. This tree does fine in upper zone 8a. I read that Citrus taiwanica is very bitter also.   

Sorry I Don't know what the fruit taste like but I've heard that, " with less of the objectionable flavor than any other 50% P. trifoliata hybrid." Tree is about 3 years old with some decent branching, so won't have fruit anytime soon until 5-6 years old.

SoCal, do you want me to give my coordinates or something? How is that not enough  :-X


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