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I was just researching bergamot and noticed that according to the ucr citrus variety collection site that it is mostly monoembryonic. I think that means if it makes seeds they should be single and from sexual reproduction and therefore seedlings should not be true to type, rather be hybrids. I can’t find reference to a poncirus and bergamot hybrid, that I presume could be called a “citramot.”  My bergamot tree has bloomed repeatedly this year, so I am tempted to try pollination with PT next spring and see what happens. I look forward to everyone’s comments.

Looking forward to this, good luck.

You will probably have good success. I found that is 5 out of 6 crosses I made resulted in hybrids. The one that did not, tangelo X citrumelo was not overly polyembryonic. let us know how it goes.


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