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So my yuzuquat that I thought dead has recovered very quickly and vigourously. It is way too close to my zombie meyer lemon that won't die. I was thinking of removing one of my pomegranates to put the yuzuquat there. Should I do this in the fall/winter or wait until spring?

I know it'll probably sulk for a few years, which I hate since it just fruited, but those thorns are too vicious to leave nearby..

jim VH:
I moved a Thomasville Citrangequat on it's own roots in March a few years ago.  That avoided winter root-rot season and gave the whole growing season to establish new roots before winter set in.  It only sulked for the first couple years.  Of course, seasons in Georgia are much milder than the very rainy Portland metropolitan area, so maybe you could move it earlier.

Just don't do it in summer. I wanted to clean up my fruit trees in my back yard so I moved my large (15yrs old) variegated valencia orange to the front yard and it promptly died in 3 months. Lucky I have two trees, not moving the other one yet. I decided to submit cuttings to the CCPP budwood program before I kill it when I dig it up next spring. I don't think anyone has this variation.


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