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Hello Friends,

I thought I would post some semi-recent pictures of some of my stuff in the Greenhouse.  These pictures were taken at the beginning of December as I moved things into the Greenhouse for the winter.    I would say everything looks about the same except that the Mango trees are all flowering, and the Rollinia trees are even bigger; those suckers grow so fast.  I definitely need to pot them up and cut them back.  Hopefully there will be some fruit sometime in the near future.  Enjoy!

'Prolific' Sapodilla - Probably 7'-8' feet tall in the pot and growing quickly (Airlayer)

'Tabouey x J-30' Jakfruit - One of my Seedling trees that is doing nicely

Sugar Apple - This is 1 of 4 Sugar Apple trees I have (Seedling)

'Arkin' Star Apple at about 8'-9' Feet tall (Seedling)

1st Rollina - The smaller of the 2 Rollinia Trees I have

2nd Rollinia - The larger of the 2 Rollinia. The growth habit of this Rollinia is very different than the other; a lot more leggier at about 8' Feet tall

'San Pablo' Custard Apple (Grafted)

Red Malay Apple (Grafted)

Purple Star Fruit (Grafted)

'Lemon Zest' Mango Tree

'Paulista' Jaboticaba - About 7' Feet in the pot

'Coconut Cream' Mango Tree

'Alphonso' Mango Tree

View into the Greenhouse - The Banana in the front is a 'Sucrier' Banana. Here is the Description from the Nursery "This medium-height, tight-bunched banana is likened to banana-bread by many of its loyal fans. This is certainly the sweetest banana around. The bananas are 3” – 4” long, rounded, with delicate speckles and thin, edible skin. They’re ready to eat when they’re very ripe, even turning black, and somewhat soft".

The tall tree in the back center of the Greenhouse is a Wampee tree.  I kind of let the tree grow out of control and it got so tall so fast.  At its tallest, it was about 10' Feet tall but it is now about 8' feet tall, since I topped it.  I should have stayed on top of it and kept it pruned back.  I still need to cut off probably another 4' feet or so. it has started to throw quite a few lateral branches since I cut off the first 2' feet.

The plant between the Banana and the Wampee tree is a 'Black Pearl' Wax Jambu.  It should probably fruit pretty heavily this year as it has been fruiting nicely for the past 2 years.

All of the Mango trees are flowering heavily!  I probably won't let any of them carry any fruit..........then again, I might not be able to cut off the fruit, my hands just won't cooperate.  Thanks to everyone for checking out the pics......more pics to follow soon, especially some updated pictures of my Mango, as well as my Lychees and Longan trees that have been planted out for the past 6 months and doing Great!!!

 - Jacob

beautiful trees jacob and great greenhouse. where did you get the greenhouse from did you errect it yourself?
the purple star tree has really beautiful foliage. have any of your trees fruited yet?

Jacob, damn nice looking greenhouse!!  Not a weed to be seen anywhere!  Very impressive collection too.

The sugar-apple in pic #3 does not look like any I have seen before.

as always very nice Jacob....I love looking at your collevtion.....btw..Where did you get your purple cainito?

Nice GH Jacob, lots of room for more plants, do you still have the smaller one set up?

Everything is looking great, it'll be hard to resist letting at least one mango grow.



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