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Looking great, where is all the dragon fruit? :)

Hello Friends,

Thank you all for such nice compliments.

Gerry - Yes I erected the Greenhouse from a Kit I got through HF. My Pickering Mango Fruited last Year as well as my "Black Pearl" Wax Jambu. Unfortunately nothing else from those pictures have fruited.  Lots of things are very close though.....very close.

Fruit Guy - Thanks for Noticing!  I had actually just gone through and clean up a little bit before moving things back into the Greenhouse.  As for the Sugar Apple, I could see how you would think it looks a little different.  I got it about a year ago from Cheri.

DT - Thanks Again for the compliments - I got the Purple Caimito from Plant-o-Gram.  It was Actually a lot bigger, like 5' feet tall, but it got scorched in the Greenhouse one weekend I was out of town and it went unattended.  I died back to what you see in the picture.

Ethan - What's up my Cali Brother?  The room you see in the pictures is now non-existant  :'(.  I definitely still have the smaller Greenhouse and it too is busting at the seems.  I am seriously running out of space. :'(

Steven - Thanks, I have a couple of Dragon Fruit inside the Greenhouse but the majority of them are outside.  I still have a couple of super nice "Arizona Purple" cuttings with your name on them.  Im just so busy with work but will try to get them out to you soon.

Thanks Again,



Don't worry about it, how are the taro doing? Btw, did I ever give you Oca?

Jacob - still got the green in the ol' thumb I see!  If anyone deserves an acre or two or ten in Florida (or south!) it would be you.  Just think, you'd be FREE to garden outside   -  :P

My Desert mangos, about 4 of them, have flower buds maybe an inch or longer on the move, too.  This winter has been amazingly mild (so far).  Every thought of letting one of the dwarfish or slower growing mangos push their roots right into the earth and witness the miracle of bunches of fruit?      8)

One last Q - how much of a wind (mph) do you think your greenhouse could stand?  I've thought of putting one up here, but with up to 70 mph gusts, I'm just not sure it wouldn't get ripped away....


Beautiful trees Jacob.  Where did you purchase that Paulista Jab?  I've been looking for a large specimen but I'm having difficulty finding one.  They have some large Jaboticabas at some of the nurseries down here but they are mostly unnamed cultivars.  Keep up the excellent work!


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