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What ever Happened to Whitman's South American Sapote

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Some I tasted, specially the big and round ones, were very insipid and watery. Others were exquisite, which I would include in my top 5, dead or alife  ;D

BTW Adam, what freaking animal is it this time??


--- Quote from: Felipe on February 20, 2012, 03:12:42 PM ---Matisia cordata is great, but needs selection of good cultivars. There's a huge genetic variation down the Amazon basin ;)

--- End quote ---

Agreed. But there are some few selections available already. No doubt more selections would be better. If you get a good one they taste like canteloupe and are totally fiberless. This is a very popular fruit in Colombia, sold in the markets, where it is just called sapote.


--- Quote from: Felipe on February 20, 2012, 05:18:14 PM ---

BTW Adam, what freaking animal is it this time??

--- End quote ---


HAHA! Purple Frog!!

I like this little guy...looks like a weird seal...I love how it's face looks!

Thanks for noticing!

It will keep changing!


Nice pics! How big is your sapote tree?

Those fruits are unfortunately not from my trees, but from experimental station. I have a couple of trees but they have been struggling to grow. The rose beetles really like them and the leaves end up looking like colanders. Here is a shot of a medium aged tree at exp. station. Yes, they get quite large:


Great pics Oscar! Matisia gets pretty big. As I said, the round fruit used to be more insipid, while the smaller ones was the best, which tasted like a mix of cantaloupe and mango. I should have taken some budwood when I had the chance  :(


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