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--- Quote from: ericalynne on February 22, 2012, 07:33:11 PM ---I agree this forum is a bad influence. I went to ECHO today and could not resist a beautiful little Julie mango flowering her heart out. From this forum, I knew I could grow her in a pot and wheel her into my garage when it gets cold in the winter. Except I don't have a garage. Still, I have this picture in my mind of my large potted Julie being wheeled into protection.

I also purchased three citrus that are relatively cold hardy: Dancy, Parson Brown and Hamlin. I couldn't resist the fragrance of those citrus blossoms!

I also purchased some Maridol papaya seeds. One website claims they are somewhat frost tolerant and can be grown in zone 9b. We shall see.


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see any interesting animal feeding raising schemes at ECHO like rabbits chickens??  I visited them back in the stone age 1989. ECHO is Christian agricultural missionary outreach to the 3rd world trying to help with better ag techniques. You cannot go wrong with Dancy tangerine, hardy and an original. Best after some cold near freeze weather it's all good.

Sweet collection, GTW.  Now you'd just have to clear out the yard to make room for them mango trees, after you amend the soil of course  ;D


--- Quote from: phucvu on February 22, 2012, 12:28:11 AM ---jesus is in chino?

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Next to Chino in Ontario off the 60 by Euclid.


JF, the freeze that killed Jesus' mangos, was it just one really hard freeze that happened only once in a while? Or was it regular in his area?
I've been living in south Corona for almost 3 years; and my in ground longan tree, which is the one tropical I've had for the longest time, has had no problem with the freezes. My house is off hwy 15 south bound about 8 miles south of where 15 and 91 meets. My area does get pretty cold in winters. It is often reported to dip into upper 20s, but so far I've never experienced freeze damages with my lychees, longans and some mangos I got one year ago. Although most of the mango trees in the pictures I posted are just acquired from FL and Arizona a couple weeks ago. So hopefully my micro climate is ok for my trees; but I do notice most of my tropicals grow pretty slowly; and my mangos only had one flush each year, which is  very frustrating. I guess time will tell how the mangos perform here. Keeping my fingers crossed  :-\


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