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New Additions to My Collection

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Nice mango collection!  :)

Really nice mango collection! Got to cost much to ship them to California.


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--- Quote from: gtw7983 on February 21, 2012, 01:19:57 AM ---This forum is really bad influence. My addiction to tropical fruits especially mangos is getting worse and worse.
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I totally agree-  My list of WANTS just grows daily!

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Same over here. I never wanted that many mangos, now I can't stop  :P

A very nice collection of cultivars!

GTW - yes, very nice trees - and from one SoCal mango addict to another:  It only stops when you fill up
all the spaces around your house and have no room left....

....then you starting dreaming of your NEXT property that you'll fill up just as quickly!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to currentlyl report that I have reached my limit    :-\


MangoDog, I wish I could have nice sandy soil like you do so that I can plant all my mangos out. I just don't have good results with my heavy clay soil. Hopefully, my mangos could flourish in pots and I can plant them out when I move to another property in the future. Maybe Palm Spring?  ;D


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