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2012.02.18 雪と甘夏の木 Snow on The Orange Tree : Amanatsu
This photo was taken on February 18, 2012 in Kiyokawacho 4 Chome, Choshi-shi, Chiba Prefecture, JP, using an Olympus C760UZ.

Got to try some of these today.  Murahilin made his way by to help taste them and to test out his new refractometer.  I'll let him report more fully on the BRIX issues.  My thoughts on the fruit......well......definitely very well hyped.  The fruits are nice size and shaped similarly to Honey Bell/Minneola Tangelo, but more rounded and larger at the bottom.  They peel exceedingly easily.  There is not very much pith or fiberousness  that sticks to the fruit.  The segments separate very easily from each other. The segment walls are very thin and tender.  The three that I have eaten thus far have been completely seedless.  I did not even see a tiny undeveloped seed of any size as you might see in some navel oranges.  The flavor of the fruit was quite good.  I think without a side by side comparison it is difficult to say that this one or that one is better than the others. From my memory, it was as good as any mandarin that I can remember eating. The only one that I could say was potentially more intensely flavored would be Page.  But, with the size (very small) of Page and the difficulty in separating the flesh from the skin and high acidity of the skin, the overall eating experience of Page would not be as good as compared with this fruit. summary......expensive, delicious, and very enjoyable eating.  I would buy more! And, if I was lucky enough to find a would be planted out immediately.


I don't want to hijack the thread, and a don't want to open a whole new thread for this silly question either...
Can someone give me a review on satsuma? I'm thinking about planting it, since is said to be a frost hardy citrus, but i'm not sure about the taste... i love fruits that are very sweet, and i have had some unpleasant experiences with mandarins before. So, if anyone has had a satsuma, how would you evalutate it?

Of the five eaten so far, I'd definitely say sugar content (brix) vary... A LOT.  Delicious nonetheless but strangely varying in sweetness, unlike last year- every fruit was spot on.  I'm still blaming the strange weather  ;D

My two little girls are quite well trained when it comes to fruit tasting :)  fruit snobs as you will, are stark contrast in preference.  The older one(almost 4yrs-old) absolutely refused Hasya sapodillas, only wanted Dekopons.   While the younger one only wanted Hasya sapodillas  ???


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