Author Topic: Cas Guava/Psidium friedrichsthalianum flower pollen not "ripening"?  (Read 86 times)


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I've had a cas guava for three years now, the first year I had it it flowered profusely on a plant that was about 4 feet tall and never set fruit. Last year it had maybe 3-4 flowers and also didn't set fruit. This year it had about 15 flowers on a tree that's almost 7 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide and they're just passing now. I don't think any fruits took. This year I decided to watch the flowers and try to pollinate them on my own but when I went to get the pollen I noticed that every single stamen was curved up away from the pistil and none of the pollen was powdery. It was all hard like it hadn't matured. I kept checking the flowers during the day and never saw the pollen mature. Is this normal in cas guava or all guavas? Is there a known method to hand pollinate these guys?

All my trees are fed with grass clippings and compost and if I can get my hands on it, wood chips. It grows well and doesn't seem deficient of anything. Here's a shot of the flower, it was taken at 6pm.


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