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Storing yam bulbils

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Thanks to several kind forum members, I have some very happy dioscorias growing and making bulbils that I need to think about over Wintering. How do you folks store them? Thanks, Dan

I have seen them stored in the dark on a garage shelf in a single layer. It apparently works ok for a couple months, but eventually they start to sprout and will need to be planted.

Thanks. Maybe this will be a mild Winter and it won't matter. After last year's freeze we need a mild Winter....Dan

I think the ones I mentioned started sprouting in March.

it's all about keeping them in a cool, dry place with airflow. There are a gazillion studies on what inhibits or encourages sprouting (everything from essential oils to keeping them near or far from apples, due to the ethylene). Bottom-line is it seems no one really knows with potatoes, and dioscorea yams, while a close cousin, are even less well understood.

But cool, dry, and with airflow are what helped me keep my dioscorea from sprouting for 6 or so months.


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