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Cassava Root Rot


Does anyone know what can be done to prevent root rot in cassava (Manihot esculenta)? What I have seen on-line indicates that most of the rots are caused by fungus. I have some friends growing some in their yard and the roots are rotting. The soil is sandy and well drained, but the lawn is watered all the time and I see nematode issues on a lot of the other plants in the yard. So, I am thinking that the nematode damage is creating an entrance for fungus that is causing the rot. Any other thoughts?

Likely due to periodic flooding during the rainy season. Try growing cassava on mounds that will probably eliminate the problem. They are very easy to grow.

What boggles me about this was that the cassava was on mounds above the house and would never have even come close to flooding. The high water mark is probably 10-15 feet below the root zone. Maybe it was just too much irrigation?


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