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I came across this hybrid in a market labeled as 'orange lemon'. The rind smell, color and top bell shape seem like minneola (hard to see the bell) and the bottom point and size and fruit taste is definitely Meyer lemon. This is a hardy hybrid. I haven't seen the tree but it is local and it has gotten frosty in the teens in recent years.. the crop was a decent amount. Basically a Meyer lemon with orange color rind. I don't like Meyers that much but am curious what these F3 seeds will produce, hopefully pollinated by something other than a lemon!

That is a pretty cool hybrid. I think growing out a few seedlings might produce some interesting results. I planted a few seeds from a store bought Meyer Lemon many years ago and now have a Citremon tree (tentatively named the "Picone" Citremon, it has trifoliate leaves, so I know there is PT in the mix) that has proved very hardy to frost and the cold damp winter conditions we have in the Pacific NW. It hasn't fruited yet, but am hopeful the fruit will be an edible quality (Meyer lemon is a hybrid to begin with, so my Citremon will be a nice complex hybrid). I would be curious to find out what the results are from any seeds you germinate from that fruit you have. Again cool fruit.

Wow they must have had some overgrown rootstocks blooming in that orchard, lol.
As for the orange Meyer.. it may actually have been crossed with a satsuma or related tangerine.. but still possibly minneola. Rind did smell like minneola, just not sure if a minn x Meyer hybrid is even possible?

It is completely possible. Far more distantly related citrus have been hybridized.


--- Quote from: Galatians522 on January 08, 2022, 09:33:33 PM ---It is completely possible. Far more distantly related citrus have been hybridized.

--- End quote ---
I wasn't too sure about compatibility if most citrus can hybridize freely easily.. I guess they do share pomelo and reticulata genes anyway


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