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Sechium edule dark skin variety


Bonjour :)

Recently, going to the supermarket, I spot some Sechium edule with darker skin that I use to see in grocery ( and even in some gardens ). Does anyone know what are differencies between dark and light skin varieties ?  ( Taste ? Amidon content ? Ability to grow in dry/wet soil ?  ..   )

Additional informations : The ones I bought were from Costa Rica. And the embryo seems smaller that the ones on commonly seen varieties - it starts to grow, that's the reason I can tell it looks smaller.

We can get a nigrum spinosum variety here. That may be what you have. I dont know if there are any taste differences but looking online, someone was testing differences in storage and cold hardiness. Maybe that variety travels well...


Interesting..       do you have some links ?
Do the darker are more or less cold hardy than the yellow green Sechium ?

yOUR post is old , but your still active as a member (of 1 day ago)

I do not know if this site has some info on the dark Type ,
Daintree mentioned (Sechium Edule Var. nigrum spinosum )
 but a place to look
(I looked on the pictures but didn't see it I also searched the blog for nigrum , and didn't see it either.)

Mirliton of new Orleans
(I looked into the site a long while ago,
but I do like that Chef on there John Folse)
I also have a few links saved ,
 but I remember this off the top of my head

Home , and Blog

What is Amidon Content , ?
IS it good for you or more for Flavor (or both?)

posted some other species just because in this picture/

Botanical varieties of Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. nigrum xalapensis (xalapa black) (A), amarus silvestrys (bitter wild) (B), albus levis (smooth yellow) (C1), albus dulcis (cambray) (C2), albus minor (castilla white) (C3), nigrum maxima (caldero for soup) (D), nigrum minor (castilla green) (E), nigrum levis (castilla black) (F), virens levis (smooth green) (G), nigrum spinosum (prickly green) (H). (unpublished)

These are too expensive in the stores here, but I plan to experiment with the Neutral flavor
I know these can be used for apple pie to keep the pieces crispy after baking with apple Flavoring .

I make candied Ginger , and want to see if I can use these for the left over Ginger tea.
(you have to boil ginger for 10 minutes , and separate the water,
and boil again for 10 min. and separate the water
or else the candy Ginger has a medicinal (eucalyptus  cough drop  flavor)
but I think I have a work around (*essential oils evaporate over time)


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