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Star fruit jam/jelly recipe


Made it easier than writing it all out lol. Tools pics from my wife's hand written recipe. If it isn't clear let me know.

Don't have to put the vanilla in there. Also my wife often adds other spices like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger etc. Always does put the zest of a whole lemon rind.

Water bath can for 15 min to preserve long term.

Thanks At first I thought a lot of Vanilla was being used
Then I see it's for 8 1/2 cups

1/8 c. is 2 tbsp.
I'm rusty with my measurements .

I know cooking is suppose to break down some of the oxylic acid

Will the Store bought stuff be Okay that is picked under ripe
and full of more oxylic acid for this.

I read something on here By Fruit Lovers that said
you can tell when they are ripe , because the edges turn a certain color
 a certain way t tell if they are ripe.

I think if I remember they should be more yellow
is that correct, and not bright green like in the stores
are those Okay to use ?

I am guessing I would I have to make adjustments w/ Sugar
  if they are more acidic that way, but Would I ?

The  margins of the fruit edges are definitely yellow once fully ripe on the tree. I would assume store bought under ripe picked ones are fine for the recipe too though. Often times not every fruit we process is actually tree ripened.

I'm sure some of the oxalic acid is broken down in cooking as with other high oxalic acid foods. Beyond just the initial cooking they then go through a water bath canning as well so the jelly once fully done is very cooked.

I've probably eaten 5-10 whole fresh fruit in a sitting without any I'll effects. I've researched the whole oxalate health issues thing and personally don't believe it's much a big deal unless perhaps you have underlying conditions. A normal healthy person I don't think is greatly affected by moderate to low amounts of oxalates. You probably wouldn't want to eat copious amounts of high oxalate material either way you slice it but keeping that in mind and moderating your intake would subvert any major issues. Find it funny when people are so worried about eating a raw spinach salad once and awhile but they chug down a mountain dew which in my opinion is pure metabolic poison. Be afraid of that slightly toxic natural substance(that a healthy body can totally deal with in considerable amount) but take in  preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and chemicals, etc, etc without a question.


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