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Found this Reading the other day searching the Austin Chronicle for persimmon (chapote)


The Texas Provincial Kitchen

Mesquite Country Tastes & Traditions From The Top Of Texas
$20 ($22 shipping)

Boardin' in the Thicket: Reminiscences and Recipes of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses Paperback
Illustrated, May 1, 1998

WHILE it's a recipe section I better post A recipe of the most visited wine making site by the Late jack Keller

Mustage Grape pie
(the species of Mustang grapes can be so Acidic , they can burn the mouth )
and  Mustang Grape Cobbler


No but in the mango family is stag horn sumac
soak  the berries they are hard, and not berry like ,
 but they have hairs on them that is what you are after ,
 but if it rains they wash off...

vinify  a few gallons
had a sweetness even though it was dry wine
wasn't into that type of sweetness (in that at least), but was not the worst (nice sour taste)
Anise wine has a sweetness left over --- I liked it in that wine (I fermented dry)
 Anise had a bad smell though like vomit sort of.-- (note I follow good practices vinifying)

Think I may try mango I should of when Jewel had the fruit 19 cents in Chicago
I did can some though (In a getto way just in jars/liquid held up good, and didn't oxidize )

Stag Horn Sumac
I also make Sumac lemonade soaking the berries My friends whole family liked it
(not white berries that is poison sumac -- also -- if people have alergic reaction to Mango maybe not drink it.

The old rub some on skin under arm to see if people have a reaction
I do not go that far, but maybe just taste a small bit first
Of coarse do not burn poison IVY I think the same applies for sumac , and mango, but just guessing same family though.

Man those Sumacs sure do spread to saw a whole field covered in them
It is by the Homeless place nice to sit, and have a beer on bike trail
Or just sit for the Guitar, and tea meet some cool people there too (homeless played Guitar good for them Had a good vibe)
 I should go plant a bunch of Oak start a forest to overcome the NATIVE sumac

I do not eat sumac there though to close to train tracks in between them could be pollution a few black berries never hurt though.

Nothing to do with Texas , but be warned planting sumac (spread by runners)
Guess a mango latte should be good
Coffee binds to the milk proteins so sweetness may be good with  it (I like it, but)
I would like something to par with the bitterness of coffee --- (Like a bitter flavor)
 I do not mess much with coffee so not very knowledgeable on it
I like it though -- just drink a lot of black tea instead

Long ago My friends would throw parties , and play music
I would drink at all night at 5 Am people would go home mostly
would walk miles, and miles for a (2) hours b/c I like to, and  go get a 64 Ounce cup of cappuccino
(yes that 64 OZ CUP in store GAS Station is for POP soda or cold drink what ever you call it)
but do not steal  except I guess that was filling with cappuccino was so
and stay awake listen to records , and drink more
So never a conisuerrier of coffee would like to be just never learned the best brands
(like(warm) stout beer the  coffee notes though)
Even got over  a $100 bucks of coffee free expensive stuff hate to say it went to waste except what I gave away.


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