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Citrus trees
« on: March 08, 2022, 04:41:49 PM »
Citrus trees -
I have 7 citrus trees;

Planted by the previous owner:
An unknown orange - stringy and tough to eat, but makes an excellent tasty juice.
I assume it is a Valencia.
I strip the tree's fruit, then juice and freeze everything, making several gallons of fresh juice every winter.

An unknown tangerine - Purely guessing that it may be a Dancy, ... or(?).
The tree has been badly treated by a nearby volcanic eruption, but now into it's 4th season after, and seems to be recovering nicely.
not much fruit yet, but they're good, and it look better every year.

A small puny looking Meyer Lemon.
I assume the soil is thin.
It also has periods of water accumulation after heavy rains.
So far, it has never done well.
I don't think it ever will.

I put in a few more:
A miniature Satsuma Tangerine
Good, just not much fruit so far.
A Honey (Murcott) Tangerine, which is my main favorite eating fruit, keeps me eating 4 or more fruit a day while they're ripe on the tree.
By the time I get all these eaten, the orange juice is ready to go.
A Tahitian Lime - doesn't seem to be doing all that well so far - we'll see:  destined to be for lime juice and flavoring for drinking water. 
A Kaffir Lime for cooking with it's leaves.
I like cooking curries and such with the leaves year around, but don't consider the fruit edible.       
So far, the Honey is the main problem.
All the others are resistant.
It has had fungus on the leaves and fruit the last couple of years, probably Canker or Scab.
It doesn't hurt the fruit noticeably, but is unsightly.
I hate spraying trees.
Is there an effective systemic fungicide that can be sprayed on the ground around the tree to get rid of it?      

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