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Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Rooting Prague chimera cuttings
« on: July 19, 2022, 02:59:19 AM »
Jim, how thick were your cuttings? Given that it is july here, I may try.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Rooting Prague chimera cuttings
« on: July 15, 2022, 09:01:43 AM »
Does anyone have any successful experience rooting Prague chimera cuttings?

I've tried a variety of strategies - I don't want to graft it onto poncirus because I'd like these new plants to be on their own roots to test cold hardiness. So far, I've been unsuccessful.

Hey all, as title says, wondering if anyone knows of any mulberry varieties that would do well in zone 7(b) here in the south, that are also resistant or (better yet!) immune to popcorn disease. It's a nasty fungus that has been decimating a lot of plants in neighboring areas, so I wanted to see if there were any ways to straight-up avoid.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 Citrus glauca
« on: June 19, 2022, 10:37:06 AM »
You sure they didn't send you finger lime seeds?

 God I wish there were more folks involved in cultivating and selling the edible bulbiferas. It's an extraordinary producer and I'd love to get my hands on some.

Citrus General Discussion / Pathogen ID?
« on: January 01, 2022, 04:14:52 PM »
Got this on some of my citrangequats and other trifoliate hybrids. Any ID?

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Any sources for oni Yuzu / shishi Yuzu?
« on: December 24, 2021, 01:39:32 AM »
I’ve got several standard Yuzu varieties, but the more I hear about shishi Yuzu, the more interested I become in seeing if I can make it work here in zone 7b.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Flying Dragon plant
« on: November 27, 2021, 06:36:06 PM »
Lazz has precipitous poncirus. I believe Georgia grown citrus has high-quality poncirus rootstock.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Flying Dragon plant
« on: November 22, 2021, 03:43:30 AM »
What size you looking for, and where you need them shipped?  Ton of sources out there, but maybe I can help.

I’ve always been one to root / grow any seeds / crowns etc. on plants I purchase. I recently came across the PunkGlow pineapple, and noticed they have a procedure of cutting off most of the crown (ostensibly for “green” purposes, but almost certainly to disincentivize growing it from the crown). I was wondering if anyone had tried it, or even if inhibits growth significantly. Etc.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Arctic Frost Report
« on: November 05, 2021, 11:13:53 PM »
Sounds to me like I should try rooting a water shoot from this next year, then…perhaps air graft for roots and then try that as it’s own plant?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: November 05, 2021, 11:12:11 PM »
So a poncirus that doesn’t taste terrible? Or just tastes less-terrible? Is there a source for this? I’d love to compare to the normal poncirus and precocious poncirus I have.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: November 05, 2021, 05:44:38 PM »
I keep seeing mention of “poncirus+” - what is this? I’ve got a gazillion standard poncirus, as well as lucky enough to have been able to get an early fruiting poncirus from Laaz. But I’m clueless about poncirus+.

My home is *filled* with finger limes in pots (red and green), so if there’s a potential way to extend their range and actually get them outside here in 7b, I’d love to hear it.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: November 05, 2021, 01:12:19 AM »
The advantage of this method would be that someone in zone 7 or 8 might be willing to grow out the citandarin x Kishu seedlings in hopes of getting hardier mandarin-like fruit.  It could happen. 

Oooh! Oooh! Me! Pick me!

I'm currently trialling pretty much every variety of citrus that's reputed to be cold-hardy. Anyone needs a clay-soil, zone 7(b) test out here in north alabama across a few separate microclimates I prepare, just let me know :D

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Arctic Frost Report
« on: November 04, 2021, 12:30:22 PM »
Yeah mine is definitely grafted as well. Graft pics + the sole fruit.

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Storing yam bulbils
« on: November 04, 2021, 03:04:03 AM »
I'm storing 4 large ones from a late harvest.

My advice? use "fill" paper that goes in gift bags (similar consistency to the super cheap, nearly-abrasive single-ply toilet paper, and gently place it in a crumple of that paper, in a brown paper bag, with the open side completely open, still. I got my prior Dioscorea bubils to go 8 months w/o sprouting because of that (at room temperatures, too).

Temperate Fruit Discussion / early-fruiting loquats?
« on: November 04, 2021, 02:59:51 AM »
Out of curiosity, anyone know of any early-fruiting (pre-December) loquat varieties? I'd love to grow them here in 7b, but their late fruiting habits generally make it unlikely to get successful cropping here unless I'm able to find an early variety.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Arctic Frost Report
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:27:13 PM »
Kumin is correct, Arctic Frost trees are always sold growing on their own roots.  The tree is a cross between a Satsuma and Changsha mandarin by Dr. Yang Doon, and is hardy to about 15F when dormant, and mid 20sF if not dormant.

I have one and I believe it was grafted. I'll check tomorrow.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Good source for Yuzuquat?
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:26:28 PM »
I don't believe so. Yuzuquat is a mix between Yuzu and Kumquat, while Sudachi is iirc a hybrid of Yuzu and tachibana orange + potentially one other japanese variety (non-kumquat). The results are (i'm told) that Yuzuquat is infinitely more palatable than Sudachi.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Good source for Yuzuquat?
« on: November 03, 2021, 03:45:37 PM »
I've heard there are some decent tasting varieties out there, potentially even more cold hardy than the Yuzu parent. If true, anyone know any sources? I know a ton of places to get yuzu, but I don't love the idea of trying to cross-pollinate with my kumquats until i'm successful. Would much prefer a reliable source :D

[I just realized this might be better in buy/sell/trade, but can't delete the post and don't want to double-post :/]

No worries. You may also want to try Virginia Fruit Grower - he may be able to offer some scionwood if you're up for grafting.

And of course, Madison Citrus has some decent potential cold-hardy citrus, although edibility of some of the poncirus rootstock may be questionable (ignore the faust, that's going in a pot indoors....

[P.S., love the name. I used to grow carolina reapers here in 'bama all the time. Got a 7 year old (!) Habanero plant i've been keeping alive by overwintering indoors.)

I’ve been buying several times from BellamyTrees on Etsy, as a rare source of cold Hardy citrus. The plants were always shipped in careful packaging and excellent condition. I can’t say enough great things.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Arctic Frost Report
« on: October 24, 2021, 02:47:17 AM »
Hey GregW, I'm near the Harvest, AL area, so we're about 90 minutes apart. I also have an arctic frost satsuma, though shortly after purchase, I was told by many in the community that it seems to fare no better than most other satsumas, and the name appears to be mostly for marketing purposes. We'll find out soon - I've got it on the south side of my house, but this is going to be its first winter in the ground.

I can say that, however our arctic frosts perform, it appears that some of the desirable qualities here may be (as others have told me) early ripening and how the tree handles dormancy. If it is grafted, is the graft high? if it goes dormant, does it break dormancy easily? Etc.

I'm looking into some early Louisiana varieties I hear may be viable. There's also the Xie Shen, which I'm trailing, as I've heard stories that it may be slightly more cold hardy than the arctic frost due to a longer dormancy period.

Let me know how it goes!

“Somewhere between an orange and a lemon.”


SoCal - I tried to ask previously, but I never got to see any answers; the forum was in the middle of whatever that strange access issue was, and the topic seemed to have completely disappeared. Since I assumed it never actually got posted in the first place, I wanted to wait a bit until the issues appeared resolved and then try again.

But thanks for the info!

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