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For those of you who are not familiar with Yangmei, you can find some information at the wikipedia:

The fruits are red to dark red, or black. Flesh is juicy, sweet and tart. Though wiki says the fruits are very tart, good varieties have very nice sweet/tart balance. One of my favorite fruits. The tree is hardy to USDA zone 10.

The trees have been out of reach for most people in the USA. Recently I talked to a Chinese fruit tree exporter, and I am negotiating with him. If we can get like 300 trees, the cost can be reasonable (around $45 per tree). Hence I am trying to get an assessment about how may trees we can reach in a group order. The exporter offers four varieties:
  • Dongkui: large (20-40g), dark red, excellent flavor.
  • Black Peak: new variety. Very large(up to 68g), black, stores better than other varieties
  • An Hai: new variety. Early-maturing (mid May), medium fruit size (23g), purple black. Stores well
  • Biqi: smaller fruits (10-20g) with small pits, black, juicy, sweet with aroma. said to be tasty
I ate a lot of Dongkui and it's really delicious. I didn't get to try other varieties. Trees are 1.5-2.5 ft tall, 1/4 - 3/8" diameter, bare-root (required by USDA APHIS)

If you are interested, please specify 1) # of trees you'd like to order, and 2) your location (such as Irvine, Southern California). I don't have time to ship 300 trees to like 100 locations so the idea is to ship large quantiles to a few people in certain cities and people go pick up the trees there.

It's not a commitment at this point, I just want to check how many trees we can get. Keep in mind of the risks below
  • Being scammed: Many years ago many people group-ordered from the same guy, and received the trees. However, obviously I cannot guarantee he doesn't scam us this time
  • Tree condition: Exporter said it takes two weeks to receive the tree. Delay is possible (for example, custom clearance) due to COVID. There is simply no guarantee that they all arrive in top conditions.
  • Transplant risks: Yangmei trees are sensitive to transplant especially when shipped bare-root. The success rate was very low according a member who bought Yangmei trees last time. He had good success however (light potting mix, low temperature, high humidity, no overwatering keep in shade for 3-5 months!)
  • Additional costs: shipping fees from USA to select locations near you, hidden costs such as custom clearance (not sure yet)

Update 3/23:
  • I created a spreadsheet here with your order info here:
  • Please double check for accuracy. Comment in the google sheet or post your correction here. If your username is highlighted, you didn't specify the accurate # of trees or varieties
  • This is a non-profit effort to help everyone (myself included) to get this amazing tree. Hopefully some of us will be successful so that we can help each other out in the future. That being said, I will charge $1 per tree to cover my time, just for transparency purpose.
  • The price is an estimate based on the quote from the exporter based on 300 trees, and until I collect the $ from everyone (and hence the final # of trees), the price is just an estimate. I hope to further negotiate price down once we are ready to commit.
  • Survey will close as soon as the import permit is approved. Then I will announce the price (with $1 added) and start collect $ from everyone (Paypal friend's and family option). Potential complication is that people don't send me money, cause the final order size to be much smaller, and hence we might need to pay higher price per tree
  • After collecting money, I will send 50% of the payment to the exporter as a deposit. He will get the trees ready and apply for phyto certificate. Then he will ship the trees out. I am still negotiating when to make final payment. He wants full payment after phyto certificate and other government approvals (which he claims is the norm), and I want to pay him only after receiving the tree.
  • Please stay tuned for updates! We need to act pretty quickly since the weather is getting hotter and the conditions become harsher for the trees
Update 3/31: I got import permit approved! Since we are just ordering for San Diego pickup only, we will be processing the CA orders at this time, which has a total of 198 trees, and I expect the final committed # of trees to be even lower. Hence the cost per tree is higher. Please pay attention to the following:
  • Please send payment ($55/tree) to via Paypal and use friends and family option, double check the order info in the spreadsheet before you do so! Please include your forum username with the payment
  • This is limited to people who can pick up from San Diego or who can have someone pickup from San Diego
  • If you haven't signed up, you can still sign up and send payment before we close the group buy. Timing depends on how quickly we can collect payment for ~200 trees;
  • For those who ask someone else to pick up the trees, make sure you double check the forum username in the "Pickup by" column of the spreadsheet
  • There is still a chance that this will not go through - such as very low # of actual trees ordered. In this case, you will be fully refunded
  • Next steps: once we close the group buy we will send 50% payment to seller immediately. 30% payment due when phyto certificate is ready and trees are ready to be shipped (~10 days after first payment), 20% due after trees are received ~2weeks after first payment).
Update 4/4: We've reached the critical mass - more than 150 trees. You can still sign up and send payment at this point. I Plan to send payment some time on Monday. After that the opportunity will be closed.

Update 4/7: It's taken a bit longer to add a term on the tree condition. Finally the seller accepted it. Expect the contract to be signed and first payment to be sent on 4/8. You can still join at this point. Thank you for your patience!

Update 4/8: the deposit was sent to the seller today. The seller is now preparing the trees and and will apply for phyto certificate. It takes 7-10 days to get documents ready for air shipping.

I ordered a few extras, so you may still join and send payment (very limited QTY though).
  • For everyone who ordered, please double check your QTY and varieties, and double check who will pick up the trees for you if you can't come
  • For those in Socal but not in San Diego (such as Los Angeles, Irvine, Riverside), please consider consolidate order pickup to save yourself a trip.
  • For those in Bay Area, CA central coast, I believe nattyfroootz will pick up the trees. Please double check.

Update 4/29:
All gone!

Dongkui: 0 left. $55 each. they come with less roots compared but are still alive.
Black Peak: 0 left. $65 each
An Hai: 0 left. $75 each
Biqi: 0 left. $85 each

Minimum two trees per order. First come first serve. Please send payment ($55/tree) to via Paypal and use friends and family option, Please include your forum username with the payment

$2 per cutting with at least 3 nodes each. 4 cuttings minimum, $8 flat shipping. Please PM.

Purple possum are medium sized, a bit smaller than red rover. Less tartness compared to red rover and Fredrick. I prefer PP over Fredrick or red rover but itís probably because my vines are grown in coastal area without lots of heat.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Jazzy loquat scions for sale
« on: January 13, 2021, 04:56:35 PM »
I am trimming my loquat tree. Jazzy is supposed to be pretty good though Iíve not tasted mine yet. I am getting some fruits this year.

Jazzy is very vigorous among many varieties that I have. $3 per scion with 4 cuttings minimum, $8 flat shipping. Pm please. Thanks

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / White Jade pineapple slips
« on: October 24, 2020, 10:06:05 PM »

Large plant, sweet fruit with white flesh, soft and edible core.

Some have small roots already, as shown in the pic.
4 for $20 + shipping, 8 for $35 + shipping.

Shorepointe is my seedling loquat.

- The tree is vigorous.

- Fruits are very sweet with apricot flavor. You can time the harvest to get different sweetness/tartness ratio depending on your preference. I like it the best before it's fully orange. At that stage the flavor is richest. When fully ripe it's still tasty with less tartness. Compared to some other types, you get good quality fruits as long as they are reasonably ripe, due to the thicker peel which allows them to remain juicy even after peak time. 

- Fruits are large, round shaped, orange color, yellow/orange and firm flesh, with good flesh/seed ratio. (pics below shows 3 fruits weighing 160 grams)

- Peel is thicker than normal types, so it keeps better on the tree and after harvest.

scions are 5-8" long, 1/4-3/8" diameter with at least 2-3 nodes. $4 each + $8 USPS shipping. Minimum 4 scions per order. If you are interested please send an email to I accept Paypal. USA only.

orange colored is Shorepointe

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Looking for Loquat scions
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:27:20 AM »
Looking for some good varieties. I already have big Jim, jazzy, and Macbeth. Please PM me your varieties and price with shipping. Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / what to do with a stunted mango tree
« on: February 12, 2018, 01:54:40 PM »
I have a ~10 year old HD manila mango tree with stunted growth (only 6-7 ft tall and very straggly). I believe the soil had a lot to do with it - a lot of clay and very hard. Though I amended it prior to planting it with a lot of clay soil amendments (those bags from HD), the soil became very compact and hard again.

So I am thinking of dig it out, amend it with some pumice and plant a new tree.

An alternative may be top-working it and mulching heavily. But I am not sure a stunted tree can recover.

Advice appreciated. Thanks!

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