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I'm surprised the RDPs haven't fruited for you at 5yrs old..

Yes. I thought 1500.00 for a week in the Amazon with all room, food, and board and transportation including airfare and a couple side excursions along with the company of two South American fruit experts and a novice(me) along with 4 local guided jungle hikes and an interpreter and all the Amazon fruit you can eat would be enough. Guess not.
Will not be offering fruit tour expeditions.

that sounds around what I would expect, and the extra $$ is definitely worth it to make the most of the trip..

Whatever the case, well done!

...and, put me on the scions list, LOL!

If you keep that fruit, those seeds should definitely be grown out.

Seeds will be given the utmost care, and treated much better than the mother tree originally was :)

Wow! Congratulations on your jabo, that is so exciting!  Will be fun to see how it develops.  So cool to see the growth you're getting on your red and grimal grown hydroponically.


Thanks Janet! The red was so fun until I neglected it super hard and let the water level get to 0 for multiple days in a row :(

Now its in a state of what I call plinia shock, something I've experienced multiple times now especially when transferring seedlings from soil-like mediums to hydroponic (specifically water based mediums), essentially the seedling or even 'tree' will become 'frozen/dormant', slowly losing all its leaves and appearing to be dead (green bark still) for anywhere from 3 to 6+ months, at this stage the tree will either fully die or make an insane comeback where it hits a super vigorous growth-streak, almost making up for the lack of growth. I'll have to try to show examples of this later for the interested parties haha.

The hydro red was moved out of my tent due to the shock (I tried many things from nutrient changes to root pruning/actual pruning for many months) it was still frozen, so it sits by my office window now getting 1-2 hours of sun + just 'light'. Its still holding most of its foliage since the last prune and the roots are just sitting in non-aerated nutrient solution. It could be another 3-6 months until it either dies or wakes back up.

Super fantastic! Do you think it is your methodology or the genetics?

Honestly its been difficult to form a hypothesis that isn't full of holes... Theres many factors that might be in-play here, even my methods are pretty low tier:

- Mason jar w/aluminum foil to stop algae growth
- rockwool w/leca pebbles to hold the seedling in-place
- dynagro 7-9-5 (at 2.5 to 5 mL/gal) + city water
- grow tent w/temps between 68-95f

non-direct grow light area in my tent because it was so full of stuff

Every few months check the water level (its been bone dry on many occasions where the plant was on the brink of death) and I'd either dump out the little bit of nutrient solution and replace with new solution, OR sometimes I'd be so lazy I'd just top it off with city water

and somehow we are arrived to where we are today, my thoughts are accumulated stress response + genetics + environmental factors possibly leading to other gene expressions???

Dr. Richard Frost told me that variation is expected (eg. plant 100 seeds of the grimal and see some with some level of variation - which I totally agree with), but this just seems on the absolute extreme side of 'variation' to me...

Cut that silly fruit off and grow that tree out a bit more.  Start grafting it out on some sabara rootstock, give it a name like “aberration” or “abnormality”, make a few videos, then rake in that sweet $$$$. 
Seriously though, it would be a shame to lose the genetic lottery because the plant died trying to hold one fruit at a mere 22 months.

I can grow red and likely grimal jaboticaba to 2-3' in 1-2 years hydroponically (with aeration etc), this one (at least for the first year or so) wasn't aerated but still barely grew for the time span it has lived, if it dies trying to hold the fruit it was going to die regardless.

I have my doubts on the genetic factor part of it. If it was genetics I'd say this is the most rare jabo in the world? Who else has fruited a jabo at 8"

I have visited a couple big jabo growers/sellers and thought finally I will
figure out what I am doing wrong. Their trees looked like mine or worse.
Look at the trees being sold on Ebay by some reputable sellers and you
see the same leaves. I have switched allot of things around and not seen
a big difference. My older trees are producing more and more fruit and seem
happy. The new growth especially in the Spring is very clean and for the most
part the older leaves have the burnt tips. I have used Epsoma holly tone, cricket
frass, rabbit manure, cottonseed meal all for fertilizer. I also add sulphur pellets
monthly to lower PH.

I've visited about two other people who have managed to almost completely not have tip burn on most of their varieties, one of them joe b lives pretty close to me and doesn't really do anything special, another is joe hewitt in hawaii who has extremely porous mediums + endless amounts of rain, it seems to come down to a whole mix of factors but ultimately like you've said - it doesn't really matter (unless it is so severe the tree can't grow at all).

Even the city water theory can kinda be refuted if you look at my old hydroponic red jaboticaba post which shows minimal to no tip burn:

It might look like photoshop but I promise it isn't!

What you’re looking at is a hydroponic fruiting grimal jaboticaba. Only 1.8 years from seed.

Refer to this instagram link for my full post including a small video of the roots:

I'll try to update this thread as long as I don't forget my password again, I'll probably make a youtube video soon as well.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Top cacti fruit
« on: December 30, 2022, 07:05:39 PM »
Anyone one growing pereskia species? I have no idea on fruit quality…
Someone gifted me a cutting and it’s pretty cool to see a cactus with leaves lol.

I've tried - Barbados Gooseberry (Pereskia aculeata) from multiple trees at a nursery locally, not a fan at all, tasted like fishy tomatos, yuck.

Would these be shipping from Hong Kong?

Yes, from Asia in some regards.. would be tough to get them to HI but they've made it to the states many times already - just look at the insane eBay auctions recently, those grafted plants are imports ;)

Those look certainly different from the Mexican Cream that I have which make much larger fruit.
.... but, perhaps there are more than one variety of Mexican Cream

they're just picked early most likely

Your best bet is probably hitting up Nate @ wildlandsplants, he has an account on here as well, maybe search for it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Variegated Grumichama?
« on: December 16, 2022, 08:23:41 PM »
Looks like mosaic virus imo
Thanks for warning me that it's a virus! I was unaware and better toss this one out then so it does not infect the rest of my plants.

Don't chuck it out just yet, that reminds me of the variegated grumichamas I have seen.. maybe try quarantining it but I'm leaning more towards variegation than mosiac virus.

Great selection.  What is the secret with getting that beach sugar apple a good size?  Some of you guys are wizards.
 Mine is basically doing nothing here in California.

I'm in CA too, while I am not growing that annona, I can tell you the 'trick' to getting good growth rates for most of these specimens is to emulate similar scenarios such as where the 'wizards' live aka FL/HI.

Nothing outside grows as fast as it does inside my grow tent, where the temps are consistently high and humidity is decent + year round feeding, now tack on the fact that the tropical folks get lots of nutritious rain water as well....

Wow, beautiful specimens, good luck!

Amazon Tree Grape is the one that kinda tastes like wintergreen right, I had some at Joe's, they're tasty.. I suspect not hardy to under zone 11 though?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Plinia callusa - Growth Progress Journal
« on: October 28, 2022, 03:18:11 PM »
Looks good so far - hello fellow OC fruit grower.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Hilo Farmer's Market shopping trip
« on: October 28, 2022, 03:17:11 PM »
Hilo Farmer's Market can be horrible.  They know the tourists won't try the fruit till they get back to their hotel and realize they.  Lying to me telling me the durian is musang king when it's just monthong.  Selling unripe marang as pedalai. 
Selling stolen fruit in some cases. 

I'd buy the vegetables and common fruits...but when it gets to the pricier/higher regarded stuff, know what you're looking at.

Don't forget the imported stuff at/from Costco lolol.. many disingenuous sellers at the farmers markets..

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Selling rare jabos
« on: October 18, 2022, 10:46:10 PM »
Nice jabos, especially the RDP, that one is tempting especially knowing they can fruit at a young age..

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Ice Cream Bean Bulk Sale
« on: October 18, 2022, 10:31:29 PM »
Edulis, unknown cultivar

99% chance its feuillei*

Fruiting grumichamas are pretty dang large, not sure if they're shippable unless its a dwarf variety, have you looked at like maybe getting one shipped from mimosa nursery or something?

Hey Scott,

I haven't grafted Lucuma but I've talked to Ben Porier, another SoCal CRFG member, and Reedo on the forum (who has given me a grafted plant he succeded with). 
Ben mentioned that you have to wait until you start to see buds forming and getting ready to push before selecting the scion for grafting. I also heard this from that other SoCal CRFG member.  Reedo grafted them in mid-late summer and was successful with about 3 out of 5 plants (I think). He cleft grafted these plants and tried to do a side graft as well but that did not take.   I'm probably going to try and attempt some grafts this spring/early summer and see how it goes.  I've got an airlayered plant and a seedling that started flowering. 

Have a good one Scott!

You had success air layering? Someone with a tree told me they tried for years to get theirs to take with no dice.

Mamey is just horrible rootstock for CA.
It’s a dis service to for nurseries import these from FL and sell them here in CA. They suck.

There are green sapote ( cholul) seedlings going around and seeds to be had.
I got on the bandwagon and sent a bunch of seeds out they will probably be around soon before too long.
I have a seedling tree holding a bunch of little fruits in Nor Cal. They dropped last winter , maybe this year is the year they hold.

Absolutely, say it louder, its actually super annoying too, green sapote does great on its own here and hates life on mamey..

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Growing pawpaw in Southern California
« on: October 12, 2022, 01:50:34 PM »
I've seen them thriving and fruiting here in south OC, with more of an understory setup.

I'd say you don't really need a refined palette to be able to taste pretty distinct differences in sabara, paulista, red, and grimal.. having recently tasted scarlet I would say it differs from reds too. The only experience I've had with white was pure sugar though I've heard there are some with mango hints.. I'd wager that many of the 'phithantra' varieties probably taste near identical though.

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