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Okinawan spinach

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Very easy to grow. Pretty to look at, half purple and half green. Extremely easy to propagate by cuttings. A taste that is halfway between parsley and seaweed, which leaves me conflicted. Okinawan spinach has strong medicinal properties. But, I am a huge fan of the taste of parsley - like I could eat it all day - and very much someone who gets nauseous at the taste of anything fishy. So I find that I can't manage to eat more than 5 leaves of Okinawan spinach at a time, and not cooked in anything.

So for me it's a good supplementary plant. But for someone who enjoys Japanese food/sushi for instance, I can imagine this being very enjoyable. I could see it being great as an alternative to seaweed in a sushi roll with avocado and some sesame seeds, if you don't mind that it also kind of tastes like parsley. I have considered using it in broths as a fish sauce substitute, since I am vegetarian, but I rarely have need for that kind of flavor so have not tried it yet.

It's reasonably drought-tolerant, but so far I have not had any lucky growing it in local soil. It seems to only grow in the rich organic soil in my pots. But since I eat so little of it, that hasn't really been a problem.

I love to get them but i don't know any source in europe. Any sugestion? Thank's.  :)

Chupa King:
I use it as a ground cover. We also use other perennial greens as ground covers as well.

grows great in a 5 gallon pot. no need to put it in the ground. I like to eat it solo, and mix it in salads with other greens.

Do you eat leaves only? I also have this plant and it's flowering right now. It's overgrown and I need to prune it back. Very easy to grow, doesn't need a lot of attention. 


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