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Santa Teresa lemon taste?

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My Santa Teresa lemons are rather small, has some mandarin taste, not very lemony ,how does yours taste.

I have an in ground tree about 10 feet tall.  It produces a lot of lemons.  I find them to be very lemony.  A clean crisp lemon taste.  I don't detect any mandarin taste at all.  How old is your tree?

Millet, I got sionwood from you a few years back, peel is thin. Going to eat another one today and take a close up.

Bob, the peel on my Saint Teresa lemons looks to be standard in thickness.  I remember sending you the bud wood.  I believe you got 3 or 4 tree out of that bud wood.

maybe you mixed up tags. St Teresa is a great quality femminello lemon with large fruit.


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