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Xie Shan- fruit photos

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Here's some photo of my 1 yr old grafts. The fruits are so heavy for the small branch I need to support it with tape attached to the larger branch.

I have three branches grafted two years ago. They look exactly  like yours. Big cluster and I thinned them to 4 or 5 fruits per branch. I am in Hacienda Hts.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to leave most of the fruits on this branch and see how big the fruits get compared to other grafts with just a few fruits. If this was a large tree it would be a pain in the to thin the fruits every year. I don't need to do this to my large Gold Nugget tree and it has many fruits spread over the branches.

jim VH:
Here's mine; A fairly young tree.  I did no thinning, but the 116F weather in June caused fruit drop on many of my citrus.  I haven't seen the 'grape-cluster' effect, but maybe as the tree gets older.


Mine is also holding too many fruits.  My tree is probably a bad example, though, as it has always been rather unhealthy.  I have noticed that the corner of the greenhouse it is planted in often has standing water from poor drainage, I am thinking that is the reason.

Anyway, they look pretty ripe so I picked one.  It is very tasty, but pretty much identical to Tango in my opinion.  Probably not fair to judge a small tree like this.


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