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Navel vs Hamlin zone 8B?

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Which of these varieties would be better in a protected area of 8B. An area where supplemental heat can be supplied/south facing wall. Thanks!

Navel oranges can withstand 28F for shot periods,  and lower when grafted onto Poncirus root stock.  Hamlin is the top choice for orange juice.  It is also more cold hardy than the Navel orange. Hamlin is the hardiest of the sweet orange group, although it will be damaged at temps down to 20 degrees F.

Great to hear, I actually prefer the taste of Hamlin over Navel. I think it deserves more than being relegated to the “juice only” category!

My Washington & Glen navel orange trees survived low 20's without any damage.

Hamlin ripens Sept-Oct. Navels late Dec... My variegated Hamlin survived that 2018 freak 16F freeze with very little damage.


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