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Has anyone tried this:
Creeping Citrus Trees ( You will need to scroll down.)

This is actually a really neat idea for marginal zones, especially where land is cheap.  I think the idea is that it is warmer and calmer close to the ground than up in the air, and it might be enough to make the difference.

I have seen this information before.  Today I would think it would be easer to just import the fruit into Russia. Thanks Vlad for your posting.

Thank you, Vlad, for your posting. It shows what is possible but also how much work is required. Nonetheless, it is an impulse for me to take some of my older ideas more ceriously, especially the idea of growing citrus below the ground level. My gravest hindrance: I have only 30-40cm good soil in my garden. The deeper earth is more or less pure stone (mainly schist).

Interesting read. I think in the future I may try and do this with a few lime varieties.


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