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Juice concentrate?

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Anyone make concentrate citrus juice to freeze?  Ive got way too many mandarins and want to juice and save it.  Not sure the best way to remove the water from it?

Not concentrate, just froze Tahiti lime juice in small 300 ml plastic drink bottles. Also some in ice cube trays but that ended up a bit messy.

with a vacuum pump you can boil the mandarin juice at 100F with out damaging the fresh flavor but you will have to freeze the concentrate to save it.

I have a hvac vacuum pump.  And also a vacuum packer to package it and a chest freezer to store it.

But what to boil it in?  Maybe rig up a 5gal bucket with a fitting? 

Pressure cooker.  A 5 gallon bucket would be crushed long before the required vacuum would be reached.  Atmosphere is 14 psi at 1200 feet elevation.  Your pump will need to bring that down to 1 PSI


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